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Tanzania Day Trips

National Park Day Trip Safari (From Moshi or Arusha)
Arusha National Park
Arusha National park covers an area of about 137square kilometers. It is located near Arusha town between the peaks of Mountains Kilimanjaro and Meru. The Park and the town derive their name from Wa-Arusha people who traditionally live in this area. The Ngurdoto Crater, Momela Lakes, the highland mountain forest, and the rugged Mount Meru (4575m) are the four distinctive features of the park.
Although small, the park has a wealth of wildlife including Colobus monkeys, velvet monkeys, bushbucks, buffaloes, red forest duikers, hippos, elephants 0.and giraffes. Bird life, especially waterfowl, is abundant and interesting. You can do some hiking with an armed ranger at the Ngurdoto Crater and to the Mt. Meru Crater. This is a good trip for people who have a short stay in Tanzania.

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania (From Moshi or Arusha)
Day Trip Safari from Arusha Town
(Tarangire National Park lies 118 km (75 miles) southwest of Arusha, along The Great North Road highway, and is very popular for day trips from the town. Tarangire offers a wide variety of wildlife in its area of 2,600 Square Kilometers. Tarangire is the sixth largest park in Tanzania.)
Tarangire National Park Day Trip Safari from Arusha Town . Tarangire National Park Day Trip Safari View Rates, Discounted Prices – Book & Save Now!
Tarangire (pronounced as Taa-raa-nghee-reh) National Park is one of the few national parks in Tanzania, who flora and fauna have not been elaborately described to prospective guest, making the park being overlooked and skipped during the Tanzania’s northern circuit safaris.
Tarangire National Park has the highest number of elephants in the whole of the northern Tanzania parks, exceeding Lake Manyara and Serengeti. There have also been a 550 bird species recorded in the Tarangire National Park, making a sure pleaser for any bird lover.

Explore Tanzania’s most famous tribe, the Maasai

The Maasai people of East Africa live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley on semi-arid and arid lands. The Maasai occupy a total land area of 160,000 square kilometers with a population of approximately one half million people.

Materuni and Marangu Waterfalls

The fascinating waterfalls of Materuni and Marangu both have their own charm. Enjoy the cooler weather in the somewhat higher altitude and peak into the lives of traditional Chagga villages, the most dominant tribe of the Kilimanjaro region. The village of Materuni is known for its rich and aromatic coffee, and our tour offers you a one hour hike trough the Kilimanjaro rain forest to a Chagga coffee farm. After a short but but relaxing coffee break follows another short 30 minutes hike to the staggering waterfall. For those brave enough to tip-toe into the cold and clear waterfalls even a swim is possible. The village of Marangu is a well-known Chagga village and the starting point for many Kilimanjaro hikes. Our tour will take you to the Chagga museum in Marangu, followed by a short 30 minutes hike to the beautiful Marangu waterfalls that are surrounded by old Chagga statues and a cave. This cave has been used to protect women and children during the Chagga-Maasai wars. We will pick you up at your Moshi hotel in the morning for an about 30 minutes ride up the mountain to the villages from where we will start our tours. Enjoy a perfect mix of body-workout, gazing at Tanzania’s beautiful nature, and learning about the fascinating and crafty people of Kilimanjaro: the Chagga.

Chemka Hot Spring 

This hidden little tropical oasis is an interesting one hour drive away from Moshi. You will drive through Maasai-land and see their young warriors walking with their cattle in the dry land, scattered with large Baobab trees. Once you come upon this tropical little paradise you will be surprised by the crystal-clear blue water which is up to ten meters deep – and you can still see right to the ground! This place is called the Hot Springs, because of its geothermal warmth that bubbles up from underground, warming up the water to a relaxing lukewarm temperature. We will pick you up at your Moshi hotel in the morning for the one hour long, bumpy drive to the Hot Springs. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the ride! Once we arrive, feel free to be you and relax. Feel free to jump into the crystal-clear waters, hang around and chat with the locals, and walk around the oasis. Or, if you feel adventurous, you may also rope-swing into the water!

Lake Chala 

This beautiful lake is an about one and a half hour drive away from Moshi. The high volcanic activity in this region many thousands of years ago has left us with incredible natural sights, for example the Lake Chala which has formed in a caldera right at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. We will pick you up at your Moshi hotel in the morning for the one and a half hour long, somewhat bumpy drive to Lake Chala. Close by the lake you can enjoy the view in the beautiful traditional bar right next to it, but you can also go down for a short hike and enjoy the refreshing waters, or hire a kayak. The small stage at the lake is also a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic with your friends.

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